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a modern house with stone walls and stairs
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the stairs are made of wood and glass
Amazing-modern-two-story-staircase-chandelier-led-grey-white-foyer-chandelier-light-rainfall glass-pendant-lighting, Milk-glass-chandelier - Etsy
there is a set of stairs in the house
Blackhawk — Park and Pacific Interior Design
an empty room with stairs and potted plant
Schody dywanowe na beton - Stolarts - schody drewniane i balustrady - Rzeszów, Przemyśl
the stairs are made of wood and glass
Schody dywanowe, balustrada szklana. Realizacja w Rybniku - Sob-Drew
there is a stair case in the middle of this room with lights on it and a potted plant at the bottom
Wintergarden at the Northern Club / Fearon Hay Architects