A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Sunday Encouragement: Candles {2.9.14

Blood and wounds. Research for novel. Disgusting, but useful for writers.

Reminds me of my forensic science class in school lol.) Crime Scene Investigation: What a bloody mess! I am a writer, I swear.

dialogue prompt

I know this is a dialogue writing prompt, but could so see Percy saying this to some god XD.or Tony stark saying this to loki

Imagine just casually giving Death a ring.

I think I can actually work woth this.it kind of reminds of me of by Kurt Vonnegut and kind of reminds me of the Book Thief

writing prompt.

Prompt -- after fumbling with the lock on the door, I was finally allowed to enter the room. on the floor in front of me, traced in jagged bullet holes as if it were connect the dots, were the words: WE HAD A DEAL

"The Deadly Fog - I don't know how deadly it may be, but it's also known as hoarfrost. I've never seen it this profoundly thick before. Usually, it's delicate crystals in long branches everywhere. This is a form I've not seen before, which makes it all the more interesting."

The Deadly Fog

Funny pictures about The Deadly Fog. Oh, and cool pics about The Deadly Fog. Also, The Deadly Fog photos.