A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Sunday Encouragement: Candles {2.9.14

Blood and wounds. Research for novel. Disgusting, but useful for writers.

Reminds me of my forensic science class in school lol.) Crime Scene Investigation: What a bloody mess! I am a writer, I swear.

Writing Prompt: Play a song and have students write what they think goes along with it.

Summon the power of song.

dialogue prompt

I know this is a dialogue writing prompt, but could so see Percy Jackson saying this to some god XD

THAT's true. I tell this to myself all the time. "What I'm writing right now is simply the SKELETON of the story. A time will come when I will go back through and give these dry bones some flesh."

Terry Pratchett on First Drafts: "The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." It only has to be good enough for you yourself to understand it.

Imagine just casually giving Death a ring.

I think I can actually work woth this.it kind of reminds of me of by Kurt Vonnegut and kind of reminds me of the Book Thief

"The Deadly Fog - I don't know how deadly it may be, but it's also known as hoarfrost. I've never seen it this profoundly thick before. Usually, it's delicate crystals in long branches everywhere. This is a form I've not seen before, which makes it all the more interesting."

The Deadly Fog

Funny pictures about The Deadly Fog. Oh, and cool pics about The Deadly Fog. Also, The Deadly Fog photos.


So basically Light sold half of his lifespan for shinigami eyes and they wrote a story(death note)<<Lol basically. But I just read a book about a girl who can see people's death dates but never mentioned seeing her own.

F. Scott Fitzgerald quote. Writing Tips by Famous Authors @Michael-McClintock-Poet on  Pinterest.

This quote was used by the author because it has a deeper meaning in terms of how it's used between Dede and Patria. This quote adds to the story because it continues to show how religious the family was and how that how they expressed themselves.

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That 2nd draft will not kill you...it may kill some of your characters, but it will absolutely, positively, pinky swear, not kill you.

2nd Draft Typographic Print Second Draft Art Writing Sign Gift For Aspiring Novelist Funny Wall Decor For Author Motivation Editing Quote

Draft Typographic Print Second Draft Art Writing Sign Gift For Aspiring Novelist Funny Wall Decor For Author Motivation Editing Quote

writing prompt

writing prompt: Ya don't say! Maybe the year should be 2089 or something' <---- i think it's supposed to be a time near, maybe more like 2021 or something, but.

Writer’s Block A picture says a thousand words. Write them. Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this picture. Write something about this picture. Be sure to tag writeworld in your block!

not really pinning this for the beauty of the girl, but for the picture. I would love to take a picture like this with candles