Tonescu Nicoleta

Tonescu Nicoleta

Tonescu Nicoleta
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pregnancy baby development week by week

Find out what to expect week by week as your pregnancy progresses. Our calendar shows how your baby develops and your body changes and gives you things to think about in each trimester.

Interesting lesser-known ideas for couples trying to conceive! Have you tried any of these? #ttc

Approximately half of all couples who struggle with infertility do so because of a problem with the man's fertility with low sperm count being the most common cause of male infertility. There are several measures a man with a low sperm count can do in ord

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Are you sick and tired of going to the same old job and doing the everyday? I know that I was and I needed a major career change! I got tired of working for someone else and not doing what I really loved. I wanted to be able to enjoy my work and I …