Alexandra Simion

Alexandra Simion

Alexandra Simion
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(It would be kinda spooky to walk down this hallway at night, specially in the winter with the leafless trees out the windows.) dark and light - black and white - darkness and sunlight - hallway, windows - rustic home

sunlight touching skin, jeans fabric hugging body, hair tickling skin, reflection from wood, bones hitting floor, cold, waxy, smooth, dusty

odd made her home in his bay window by day and in the guest room beside his by night. she liked to sit in the sun, feeling the warmth of its rays on her skin while reading or listening to oliver's guitar playing.


What is light without shadow? What is high without low? You deprive the deity of its omnipotence and its universality by depriving it of the dark quality of the world. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 967