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a poem written in black and white with an image of a man's head
I Wanna Share Something My Therapist Said About Anger
I wanna share something my therapist said about anger that blew my mind: “Your anger is the part of you that knows your mistreatment and abuse are unacceptable. Your anger knows you deserve to be treated well, and with kindness. Your anger is a part of you that loves you.” – Lyndsey Gallant
an open book with the words yes, you are dearly to be someone's only choice
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a black and white photo with the words you came, you called
a blue and white photo with the words one day you're gone look back and wonder why you ever worried
Inspired — Leigh Viner
a white wall with the words, i just want someone to just be truly happy over me
some people need their space they're not cutting you off they just need time to breathe and take care of themselves that has nothing to do with you
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the text reads read this twice you will never be too much for someone who can't get enough of you read that again