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a close up of a small toy on a blue and pink cloth with polka dots
a blue and white fish with colorful felt on it's side
a close up of a cell phone case with a frog design on the front and side
a close up of a card with a giraffe on it and some leaves
there are two pictures on the wall one has a fish and another has a frog
Все продавцы :: Ai-da_Books
there is a small card with flowers in it and a potted plant on the front
a person is making something out of felt with pins and needles on the inside of it
a close up of a piece of felt with a monkey on it's face
a mouse is sitting on top of a piece of yellow felt with holes in it
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there is a rainbow with a cloud and sun on the top of it, as well as some zippers
You are my sunshine - rainbow, sun and cloud quiet book page em 2022 | Artesanato para meninos, Livros sensoriais de feltro, Livros de feltro
someone is making a jacket out of paper and cutting it into smaller pieces with scissors
ASTOLDBYMOM - Me, Myself and My Family
a close up of a piece of felt with shapes on it