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two young men standing next to each other in front of an audience with text that reads bang chan's interview ending are so baby
#skz #straykids #bangchan #channie #fendi
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stalking ppl is so fun😻 | also write in the comments so I can see your acc
an image of some people with necklaces on
could literally put these pictures and frame it up in a museum
an image of many different people smiling and looking at the same person's face
Chan Straykids, Boy Idols
some people are sitting down and one has red hair
two pictures of a woman laying in bed with white sheets on her head and smiling at the camera
two young men with different facial expressions on their faces
an image of some anime characters with caption that reads, i can't wait for
9 Flat-Out Lies We Are Told To Be True Our Entire Lives
a young man with blonde hair is looking at the camera and has words written on his face