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a woman with a tattoo on her arm that says love birds and beaded bracelets
25 of the Most Tasteful, Adorable Tiny Tattoos - Birds Of A Feather | Guff
a woman with a small tattoo on her chest and shoulder is looking at the camera
I wish I could get myself to like birds because these sparrow tatts are sups cute!
two birds sitting on a branch behind the ear
Tiny Tattoo’s
small love birds on a branch tattoo.
a woman with a small tattoo on her chest
To the Religious Teacher Who Cut Me From Dance for “Body Mutilation”
The thing is I didn’t know Jesus as a friend at that point and time in my life, but the picture I was getting would lead me to believe I wasn’t really made to be a part of that whole religious business anyway.
the back of a woman's neck with birds on it and an instagram
Little delicate tattoes (via Arteide)