We learn from our fails, but when we chose to doubt, we will never know what could've happened.

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Doubt kills dreams, not failure. With "failure", there is always another way. With "doubt" there is no way.


You think attention is love and that's why you suffer so deeply. No attention is not wanted if its not sincere.the desire for something one can feel deep in our soul.heart and body is attention.

You're not a mess, you're brave for trying

this is so true. the bravest people I know are all of us fighting for our health each day, that takes more guts and strength than most people could ever dream of having

Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read

Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read

A negative mind will never give you a positive life #quote

A negative mind wil never give you a positive life. This is so true; negativity never helped anyone. I think sometimes you need to gently remind yourself of this quote, and remind others as well :)

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