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a quote about being pregnant on the front cover of a magazine, with an image of a
Sapna Parmar | Skye’s Mumma (@skyesmumma) • Instagram photos and videos
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground holding a bowl with water coming out of it
Pregnancy Loss
the words you are still a mom even if your baby isn't here
The Loss Mom Club (@lossmomclub) • Instagram photos and videos
an image with the words, no not everything happens for a reason
a pink watercolor background with the words dear baby, i wanted you and i still do
an image of a quote with the words, oh you are still not over that yet nope
a poem written in black and white with the words, i never expected you to live forever
Still Loved on Instagram: “#pregnancyloss #pregnancylossawareness #pregnancyandinfantloss #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #miscarriage #stillbirth #1in4 #iam1in4…”
a man and woman holding a baby in front of a rainbow colored background with butterflies
Portrait illustration personnalisé paranges bébé ange