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Sometimes, I wish we could be civil so I could tag you in awesome Subie stuff since no other girls are into it like us.. Cause this is us.. Lol

True story I have it all an love cars and don't forget girls who drive manual and work on their own car.


And this explains my life. Haha now get rid of the shitty mustang and put a camaro there

Girls need to stop acting like there about their cars when we know dam sure they don't even know shyt about it you ain't jdm because you own a fkn import lmfao

Don't pretend for attention. Either you love cars or you don't. As a girl who's dad is a mechanic and have been around cars since I was born. girls who pretend to love cars bug the crap out of me.

A little #Mustang R&R ...

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Thanks for the submission zenobiaulich! https://instagram.com/p/-jP8O8FvHS/ …

This is definitely my Little Big Girl. She loves being the tool girl and helping her daddy work on cars.

Real Women Use 3 Pedals sticker Funny JDM honda girl race car truck window decal

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