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a blue car driving down the road with an ad on it's hood that says you don't have tattoos anywhere
KATHERINE KOMUKOTA on Instagram: "True 👌"
two lamps that have been made to look like they are being held by someone's hand
I would be smacking the heck out of it - Funny
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40 Ancient Roman Memes That Will Probably Teach You More Than History Class Did
an image of the same cartoon character with different expressions
Just for lolz - Funny
an image of the earth being viewed through two different views, with caption that reads nobody 19th century britain shopping for earth
Amazon 1-click
an eagle that is looking at the us map
Land of freedom and mountain dew - Funny
a red and white sign that says, germany fock you britain fock you switzerland join
They made the right choice, who would make our watches if we lost them?
an image of text that reads, italy in both world wars i don't worry guys
This is loyalty - Funny
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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios(Discontinued) - He sees you reading yaoi of him