Beatrice Styles

Beatrice Styles

Somewhere with Harry :3 / His my king.Who he is?His my world.He has a beautiful soul.That's why I love him with all my heart and I will love him till the end!
Beatrice Styles
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Oh Harry..

It was the best interview ever. No joke. It was the best thing I've ever seen in my life. To hear Niall laughing at Harry's stupid joke is still the cutest thing, that I heard. And then there is Harry. Harry is Harry.


I hope all 5 of them stay as humble as they have been since the beginning. Fame can really change a person and I don't ever want them to change for the worst.

Harry Styles

I don't know who this Henry guy is but he's so selfish! He's like in every photo with Gemma. Taking her sweater. Like come one dude we want some of Gemma too. <<< that caption though XD

Captions just aren't necessary for pictures of Harry Styles. -E

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