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How Americans make tea: | 33 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2013

21 Jokes Only History Nerds Will Understand<< this was previous pin need comment. Everyone gets this joke. We know what the Boston Tea Party is, even my 7 year old brother does

Beautiful detailing. Talk about a nobleman having money to spend on weapons!

japaneseaesthetics: Arrowhead used on a Kyudo arrow. Japan - The Kimono Gallery I would be too scared of losing it to shoot it

Introverts spend a lot of their lives apologizing for who they are in an extrovert dominated world.

Yes, I’m an introvert. This is me. Though I can stand a little bit of small talk, but I get bored with those and rather have a meaningful conversation. But this is totally me.

There would be far fewer problems in life if we just started talking to each other instead of about each other.  #quotes #inspiring

maybe if you didn't use our relationship as your tool to hit on other women. if you had focused on home and us instead of lying to build your "harem". tony of earthfare.

I think things work out in the end the way they are supposed to. But I was horribly shy and self-conscious when I was younger and I am sure that it impacted on my life in ways I do not even realize. I love the confidence that has come with age and the ability to be with other people without reservation and to do the things I want to do.

Whenever he is around, my heart stops beating for like a second and my stomach is in knots and I'm way too shy around him. And he had some chances, and he tried so hard, but I RAN AWAY!

Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

yes this is true! Don't be afraid to be unique. because then you'll be the same as everyone else and you won't have a unique side that friends will want from you