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the number eight is drawn on top of a piece of paper with writing underneath it
Z-Raid's Scribblings
Haha, I just looked at the 2. Pic and thought "wow, a ribosome in action" :D
an image of hands with black gloves on top of them and instructions for how to do it
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an image of a man with no shirt on
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Aquí está manhunter parte más difícil ... Tienes una idea muy brillante en tu mente b sabes qué hacer, sabes cómo hacerlo, pero hay un problema: ¿cómo comienzas esto? La parte más difícil comienza aquí porque su primera línea forma una base para manhunter otra línea ymca cada línea está interconectada. Dibujas manhattan project primera línea, luego manhunter otra línea, luego otra ... ¿Dibujaste mal? ¿Ahora todo será awful o debería ser? No hay una sola f... #Dibujo de referencia de pose
an arrow pointing to the left with arrows pointing up and down
Sunday Mailbag
Q. You may have covered this already but when drawing clothes, do you look for real examples in perhaps magazines to see how a material would crease in certain positions. Or do you just imagine in …
an image of how to draw shoes in different colors and sizes, with instructions for each shoe
electroslime: “i had a poll on DA so i will be doing basic how to stuff of the results ”
a black dog standing on top of an orange background
Counter the cat of similar style for his & hers.
four black wolf heads with red eyes and fangs on their faces, all facing different directions
O Clube da Lua e a Flor Cadáver (Vencedor do Wattys 2020 ✓)
an info sheet with different types of animals
Agression vs Fear in Wolves cheat sheet: Snarls by Chickenbusiness on DeviantArt
Agression vs Fear in Wolves cheat sheet: Snarls by KFCemployee on DeviantArt
an image of different types of eyes with chinese characters in the bottom left hand corner
Character Anatomy | Eyes
Character Anatomy | Eyes
an animation character's head with different facial expressions
how to draw an anime character's head with different angles and hair styles for each face
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