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Parrot Wall Sticker - Create-A-Mural Bird Tattoos, Bird Crochet, Drawing Bird, Crochet Bird, Parrot Pet, Bird Paintings, Bird Drawing, Funny Parrots, Wall Furniture
Parrot Wall Sticker
Three beautiful handpainted looking Parrot Wall Stickers that you just peel and stick to any wall, furniture or even window to create a wonderful parrot scene.Printed on 8.5" x 11" vinyl wallpaper material. One large parrot approx 10 - 2 flying parrots approx 5"-6". Will adhere to walls, glass, mirrors furniture & more- will not harm surface when removed.
an old postcard with daisies in a vase
MARGUERITES - TuckDB Postcards
a painting of a woman pouring red wine into a glass with a bottle in it
+Wine — Wayne McKenzie.
+Wine — Wayne McKenzie.
an oil painting of a street scene with tables and chairs in the middle of it
Steven Quartly, 1971 | Impressionist palette knife painter