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Alecsandra Rotarescu
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Exploring the irony of words, with Tumblr.

How did we originally come up with the idea of language<<<*claps slowly* . It's quipped.--three cheers for irony!

I periodically catch myself thinking something really fucked up and wondering if anybody can read my mind. I will then try to justify my creepy ass thoughts to the imaginary mind reader XP

I usually try to think of some thing ridiculous & funny to see if any secret mind readers laugh. But I'm also convinced that the secret mind readers are well conditioned to to react to people thoughts.

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boyfriend, crush, and candy image <--- well tey say that the road to a man's heart is through the stomach <---- OMG I am doing the same but with soup, hope you don't see this my dude^^

Teamwork guys

Humans working together and cooperating.<<<<<<this happened once at my junior college. this girl who used to bully me couldn't hide her phone and i showed her how and then she stopped bullying me.