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Just My Luck Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine and Samaire Armstrong, Bree Turner, Faizon Love, Makenzie Vega and Chris Carmack

haha love this! so funny!

serves the morons right for freaking talking on the phone while you& going to the bathroom! I hate it when people do that. if you& going to talk in a bathroom with one other person there, be prepared for them to maybe answer you dumbbutt!

✋ Seriously

How Come in Like Every Single Book Ever the Weird Awkward Girl Gets the hot Popular guy Like This is not how Real Life Works

Teenager Posts

Preach honestly tho some people need to go by these rules before I slap them so hard their fake ness goes flying on the damn wall.

awwwwww Parenting Done Right.

A daughter is lost without her father, and these guys are doing their best to make sure she does not grow up with daddy issues.

American stereotypes

I just realized who that is - from Zombieland! The movie! Texas who loves twinkles and accidentally shot a box of Twinkies and was so sad then! (Need to watch the movie to understand.