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Make Great Crate Book Storage for Unused Wall Space.

Make Great Crate Book Storage for Unused Wall Space. Maximize empty walls to make your room look bigger and more interesting. Simply mount crates on unused walls for more storage – giving the feel of a bigger room. Get the tutorial via iheartorganizing.

He was never near the light. Never outside during the day. Always in the dark. Why? Shadows. That's why. They say he was never normal. And just one more thing that made him more abnormal was his double shadow. After he grew up, the darkness finally got to him. They call him the Shadowmaster. He can control other people's shadows. But what is a shadow? It is you. It does what you do. You do what it does.

Your eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see any form of movement. Your heart raced and your temple throbbed. There was no light. That was the moment you realized that the stories told through nightmares were real.

Ruffled Vintage Bag (DIY Inspiration :))

Beautiful shabby chic style bag with fabric flower rose, ruffles and burlap, ribbon purse the layering of lace and organiser trims works really well, and continues the lightweight theme shown in my outcome.