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laser-lance // tumblr

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ART CREDIT : " @ginakusgf " on twitter ! ☀️🌵 |  #omoriartwork

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art by mincedmint (one of the omori developers)

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Strange World, Maker Game, Rpg Horror Games, Just Saying, Rpg Maker, Pics Art
˚✧₊ cr. @weewtomee on Tumblr
an image of two people in front of a mirror with blood coming out of it
Hellmari and Sunny
Idk why, she looks pretty. Art by @byelumi/ mel on twitter
two young people sitting next to each other with sunflowers in the foreground
˚✧₊ @Momi_Omori on twitter
a black and white drawing of a boy with short hair wearing a school uniform, looking at the camera
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a purple and pink background
omori new official art ! ☀️
art by mincedmint (one of the omori developers)
a cartoon girl holding a camera in front of her face and looking at the screen
an image of two people with flowers on their head
an anime character with blue hair and flowers on her head