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All the demons must die. Here comes the demons hunters. Thx for the good vibes, its cool you guys liked this new stuffs. For those who asked me, yes i will do prints of this, just right now i dont have too much time to do clean versions, but soon ✌️️.

Once Upon a Time NOODLES by Paride Bertolin, via Behance

This Work is a Tribute to Sergio Leone's movie "Once upon a time in America" and it's a playword that recalls the name of the starring "Noodles"."Made with ballpoint pen on paper and colored with a digital painting technique.

Paride Bertolin - Все интересное в искусстве и не только.

This work is an illustrated Series of 10 Characters set in an hypothetical "Alternative History" Inspired by another my Series : "PK_M Collection" Made with ballpoint pen on paper and digital retouching.