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the words are written in different languages and have green leaves growing out of them on top of
a person holding up a painting in front of some bushes and trees with colorful paint on it
Simple Mini Canvas Painting
Simple Mini Canvas Painting
the worksheet is shown for children to learn how to read and understand them
Érdekes fejtörők
Logikai feladatok, matematikai feladványok találhatóak a képre kattintva. 100. órára is hasznos segítség lehet. Néhány matekos vicc is található a bejegyzésben.
four different types of ribbons with the names of each ribbon and two hearts on them
Március 15.
#nini #love #you
I love you ❤
two crossword puzzles with different colored squares
Las actividades que os comparto han sido diseñadas para que los alumnos avancen en el análisis de la figura-fondo, la percepción de la posición en el espacio, la forma y el tamaño, la destreza digital para la prensión sobre la superficie y la precisión del trazo para dirigir y detener el movimiento al ajustarse a los límites del espacio.
some very cute drawings on paper with different colors and shapes to draw in the style of cartoon
an english worksheet with pictures and words for children to learn in the classroom
Ellentétpárok worksheet
a poster with different types of animals and food on it's side, including an orange
Képrejtvények gyerekeknek
Melyik gyümölcstálak ki rendelte meg és melyik marad neked?
the cut out paper is shown with scissors and other items