endless summer

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a man standing on a boat holding some green fishing nets
Fisherman - Crete, Greece
two people laying on the back of a sailboat
sail away with me
Girl, Cool Girl, Verano, Pretty, French Girl
Fashion, Summer Girls, Girly, Summer Aesthetic, Aesthetic, Summer Vibes
two people sitting on the front of a sailboat in the ocean with other boats behind them
a yellow tiled wall with a black and white photo hanging on it's side
a person laying on the beach next to a tent
an apple is sitting on top of a book next to the water with a pen in it
Nice, Fotografie, Fotografia, Hot, Sade
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs looking out at the ocean from inside one of the windows
there is a towel and some shoes on the ground next to rocks in the sand
two oranges are laying on a towel with a book and straw hat next to it
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