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Vs'kk by exo-bio on DeviantArt

Pronounce it Fisk or Visk for closest translation. Aquatic predator that feeds on fish analogues. Basically an otter analogue. The Vs'kk family co... Vs'kk

This is my rex based on the animatronic of the first movie

Hello everyone! This is my rex based on the animatronic of the first movie (Still missing many details) : [ATTACH][ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]


Duncan Eagleson brings us this preserved example of the Northern Creek Sprite. Given the small size of the figure the level of detail, particularly the flowing lines of the fins, is impressive. I think it would benefit from distressing, but that's purely a personal judgement.

The African Allion by FredtheDinosaurman on DeviantArt

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Lioness, Jose Pericles

This was a study that i started while ago, to do some animal sculpting, hope you like it! :)

The Lost Hunters of San Diego   — The Wild Art of Velizar Simeonovski

"A small band of hunters in the way of searching for food came across a mastodon carcass. Those people were part of a group that crossed from Asia years ago and was slowly moving South. But they weren't numerous. In the new environment with their primitive skills of to

Mammoths and First Snow by jjnaas on DeviantArt

Fun with gouaches. Inspired by a visit to the Helsinki Natural History museum and the first snow of the winter coming down as I started painting it. Mammoths and First Snow

Guidraco Venator

full image, painted in Photoshop New toothed flying reptile from Asia.

Styracosaurus, by Daren Horley. Via :@life_uh_findsaway #dino #dinosaur #dinosaurs #trex #paleonto

Vous souhaitez Tout Savoir sur l'Utahraptor? Cet Animal Préhistorique est la forme la plus Puissante du Raptor et nous avons réuni le Maximum d'Infos !