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On the internet, we can be anything we choose to be. Thanks to tools like Photoshop, that is more than just possible. So, do we go smaller, do we go bigger, or do we go for a poreless look? Or do we do our best to be our authentic selves and admit that we all have flaws that make us uniquely beautiful?

60 people whose Instagram photos are so fake we can't help but laugh

We all want to look out best. However, there is a point at which people go too far with filters and Photoshop. These 60 have gone way past that point.

There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons to use Photoshop. There’s a great example in this slideshow where someone should have used it to get rid of a naked man in the background. That’s a good, legitimate reason.

70 photoshop fails people noticed immediately

It's painfully obvious.

Today, we live in a world where we face double standards on a regular basis. What applies to women won’t apply to men and vice versa. What you can get away with when you’re rich might not be the same when you’re poor. We try to be unbiased, but sometimes those biases just sneak in, even if we don’t mean them to.

30+ Double Standard Comics

Double standards can be annoying, but they're definitely a part of life. Here are 35 that we guarantee you can relate to.

When you become a parent, you may feel as though no matter how much you study and read up, there’s always going to be that trick question that you didn’t prepare for. The only thing is, that trick question comes up every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Does this sound familiar?

Mom Shares Things She Wished She Knew Before Becoming A Parent

When you become a parent for the first time, you learn a lot of things as you go. One mom started making a list of the things she wished someone told her.

It’s not uncommon for daughters to take after their moms, but they are usually seen as a younger version of them. In some cases however, moms look so young and fresh that people have a hard time telling them apart.

50 moms post pics with their daughters and people can't tell them apart

These women have incredible genes.

Most people have put their feet up on the dash at one point or another. Some people prefer to ride that way all the time. It might be comfortable, but it’s also dangerous.

Never Ride With Your Feet On The Dashboard - Here's Why

Everyone is sharing their stories.

Growing old is a part of life. But, what does “old” even mean? Age is just a number, right? Well, you know you’re really racking up some serious AARP points when you have to change your underwear every time you cough, you get happy tears of joy in your eyes when the bartender cards you, and you always look like you’ve been “rode hard and put away wet” no matter how much anti-aging cream you slather on your face.

75 hilarious ways to tell you’re getting old

Facts are facts.

What we see in the media has a profound effect on what we think about ourselves and others and how we live our lives. Most of these effects are subconscious and can negatively affect women since the media is filled with unrealistic images of women.

60 instagram influencers that look nothing like their photos online

Many influencers create illusions of how they'd like to be perceived.

Who doesn’t love to spend a relaxing day at the beach? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else that’s been happening in 2020, we’re all in a need of some stress relief, and what better way to alleviate anxiety than sunbathing and swimming with your partner!

Woman’s Prank Leaves Boyfriend Grabbing His Crotch After Dip In The Ocean

His girlfriend was dying laughing as she filmed it all.

When you lose something that’s dear to you, it can really break your heart. The mystery of where that beloved item went always seems to linger on your mind… An English woman named Paula Walter lost one of the most important pieces of jewelry she could ever own. Her wedding ring.

Woman Lost Wedding Ring In Garden Soon After Marriage, Finds It 40 Years Later

This is the kind of story you have to read to believe.

Everyone loves an inspiring story about personal transformation that’s perhaps best epitomized in the famous fairytale ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We all know how the story goes: an abandoned and spurned duckling turns into a beautiful swan and becomes envied and admired by all the other ducklings in the pond.

75 ugly ducklings that blossomed into super attractive people


You may see people walking the streets and wonder what in the world they are thinking. The fact of the matter may be that they really don’t care what you are thinking and are proud of who they are.

47 People Who Just Don’t Care

You may see people walking the streets and wonder what in the world they are thinking. The fact of the matter may be that they really don't care.

Have you ever looked at something and feel like you’re seeing a totally different thing? Well, we know exactly the feeling! These 70 photos we’ve compiled will trick your eyes and leave you wondering if you are really staring at what you “think” you are staring at.

70 Photos That Can Easily Baffle The Eyes

Reality can be a riddle sometimes.

Some people have a natural knack for makeup. For others, it’s a long learning experience that takes years to perfect. But either way, there’s no denying that in the right hands, a makeover can completely change someone’s appearance. Sometimes, it’s almost unbelievable how much a face can change.

30 Transformations Of People Who Have Mastered Makeup

These people are seriously talented.

Most of us have at least once in our lives suffered from a headache or a migraine. Most of the time those are related to stress and pressure we are facing at work or in our daily lives and very few of us have ever wondered if this could be a sign that something is wrong in a much more serious way.

Neurosurgeon Shares Warning Signs Of Brain Aneurysms After Young Mom Dies Unexpectedly

The family was shattered by the unexpected loss.

We all try to make the most of what we have. Oftentimes, that means trying to repair our items to the best of our abilities. These so-called “engineers” did just that, only the results were not everything they’d hoped.

50 Hilariously Creative People Who Are Born Problem Solvers

We all try to make the most of what we have. Oftentimes, that means trying to repair our items to the best of our abilities.