Andreea Junca-Guzu

Andreea Junca-Guzu

Andreea Junca-Guzu
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this girl reminds me of leto, though of course its the wrong outfit and leto's hair is long. but she has the right androgynous face, that could have passed for Azrael with her hair tied back holy shit she's so beautiful

Daily Writing Prompt

The entire day the lights was turn off and we'd hear a gunshot there was 20 of us in the room. Click, click, click, bodies fell to the floor.

It works

Pinning to test this. okay I'm editing it now after pinning it and it didn't work on me, but my friend who sent it to me said it worked on her, so I guess it works on some.lest see if this works

slight of mind and cluttered i - by Matt Caplin † mexico rosel †

" he cried, panting. The girl looked back for a split second, met eyes with him, then turned and sprinted back to the darkening wood.