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At Bayreuth: GD Kira Kirillovna ( Princess of Prussia), Princess Marie of Romania, Queen Marie of Romania and Princess Ileana of Romania

Ileana of Romania and Anton on their wedding day

Archduke Anton of Austria-Tuscany and Princess Ileana of Romania Wedding Sinaia, 26 July With the groom's parents and brothers Leopold and Karl

Princess Ileana of Romania and her baby.

Ak Prinzessin Ileana mit ihrem Kind, Adel Rumänien (b/w photo) Wall Art & Canvas Prints by German Photographer

Ileana with two of her children.

Ileana with her 2 youngest children, daughters Maria Magdalena, left, and Elisabeth.

Princess Ileana of Romania

Queen Marie of Romania gave the sapphire kokoshnic to er daughter, Princess Ileana, when she wed Archduke Anton of Austria, on 26 July In the aftermath of Ileana moved to America, seen here in wearing her sapphire tiara

Ileana of Romania with her family

Povestea Principesei Ileana, copilul preferat al Reginei Maria

Princess Ileana of Romania

Princess Ileana of Romania. Reproduction Postcard Peles Castle Museum / Photo, by 1927 / Photo Gheorghe Voicu

Princess Ileana and big brother Prince Nicolae

Princess Ileana and big brother Prince Nicolae