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Pen Printer. The #device uses the ink from discarded pens to print on paper. #ideas #inventions #design #innovation #tech #gadgets #techie #solutions #innovative #ingenious #technology

Abandoned pens and other such stationery stand a chance at purposeful usage, thanks to the Pen Printer. The device uses the ink from discarded pens to print on paper. The current tech may not support such an ambitious idea, but it’s worth the exploration,

The Om/One levitating Bluetooth speaker prototype defies gravity and spins while it plays your favorite tunes.

Note: This deal is for a PRE-ORDER of the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. All customers who place their orders by January 2015 will receive their speaker by January I would like to listen to my OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker s

Audio Tooth Implant by Auger Loizeau: The device communicates with an array of digital devices such as mobile telephones and news services via the Internet or can be used simply in conjunction with MP3 players. Sound reception is completely discreet allowing the user to receive information at times where use of other technologies would be socially inapropriate.

"The Audio Tooth Implant is a radical new concept in personal communication. A miniature audio output device and receiver are implanted into the tooth during routine dental surgery. These offer a form of electronic telepathy as the sound information reson

ytro – Camera care schimbă fotografia [REVIEW]

ytro – Camera care schimbă fotografia [REVIEW]