Discover Satu Mare County

Discover Satu Mare County - a list with all the things to do and sightsee in Satu Mare, Romania.

“Colours of my life” : quality prints and leather items made in Romania

"Colours of my life" : quality prints and leather items made in Romania - Lively Romania

Proud Romanians

Romanian people should no longer be discriminated. Romanians should be discovered, understood and appreciated more because we are not lesser people.

Soleta – the house that brings a new lifestyle

What is sustainability? The most common misunderstanding when explaining my concentration to others is the general association of sustainability and “green” design. Read this post to learn the difference!

Biking in Romania: Sighișoara-Biertan

Biking in Romania: Sighișoara - Biertan >> a beautiful trail that can be done in any season in Romania. More details in the article.

A short getaway to Sulina, into the Danube Delta

The Danube delta, an amazing place in Romania. A natural paradise with an incredible charm. A dream spot surrounded by water.

I’m Romanian – Andra Ojog

I'm Romanian - Andra Ojog, româncă - Lively Romania

About contemporary Romanian authentic spirit

Art&Craft transposes the Romanian authentic universe, with all it entails (traditions, values, and symbols) into a creative form and on authentic products.

Andra Ojog plants eco-friendly thoughts in Romania, too

Marvelous Store sells toys and wood furniture for children, the majority of them produced in Romania, sustainable, safe and qualitative.

Zig Zag around Romania

Zig Zag around Romania : We love our country and we want to promote it, not only to the outsiders but to the Romanians, too.

About those “airplanes without engines”

About those “airplanes without engines” - Lively Romania

The urbanizing of folklore

Romanian folklore > The artistic and cultural creations are no longer left forgotten, they are revisited, remixed, upgraded by the younger generation.

Moldavians are beautiful, aren`t they

"We have so many beautiful girls but, unfortunately, they are promoted by the wrong people. Modeling in Romania is not done properly.

About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting

Marie Nouvelle is a fashion & home deco brand incorporating art into everyday life. Find out more in this article about its creator, Maria Dermengiu.

Anamaria Antoci or the refusal of being a mediocre artist

What stimulates me are the talented artists (in the film or dance industry) and the projects with a strong artistic character.

About Romania and the Romanians, from Sweden

I feel the heartbeat of Romania every day, even though I live in Sweden. What stands out for me, about the Romanians, is their endurance and strength.