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an old fashion photo of a woman sitting on a chair with her legs spread out
MISS TALLULAH BANKEAD in 1928. Tallulah was appearing in Her Carboard Lover at the Lyric Theatre London for 173 performances, before going to Glasgow. At the time Tallulah had an immense following of mostly young female theatre-going admirers. (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) #tallulahbankhead #twenties #flapper see my Tallulah Bankhead board.
a woman laying on top of a bed with long hair
an old black and white photo of a woman sitting on the ground with her hands behind her head
image35089 - عکس رفته از رقاص اختصاصی شاه ایران - جی نوزده
a close up of a mannequin head and a woman's face
a group of people standing and sitting in front of a building with their arms crossed
Odd One Out — Caleb Cole
two cut out pieces of paper with the same woman's face and man's head
a woman with flowers on her head is standing in front of a gate
Collage, Retro, The One, Revenge, Artist, Archive, Dark Aesthetic
a magazine cover with a woman surrounded by green plants and leaves on the front page
black and white photograph of two men embracing each other on a chair in front of a gray background
@lauramakabresku is on Instagram • 189k people follow their account
Laura Makabresku • Virgin who unties the knots of Purgatory
a naked woman laying in a bathtub with water on her back and head resting on the edge