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a drawing of a garden with a pool in the center and trees on both sides
Small lawn rests the eye and balances reflecting pool (Town House North West London by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design).
an architectural drawing of a house with trees and plants on the roof, as well as swimming pool
Tips on Beautiful Yard Layout
Concept Design by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design
an artist's rendering of a walkway leading to a body of water with trees in the background
!melk | Third Bosphorus Bridge Park
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two drawings of an outdoor garden
Projekty Ogrodów i ogrody Szczecin
Gardens, Garden Design, Landscape Design, Gardening, Tuinen, Jardin, Modern gardens, Formal gardens, 庭, trädgård, 花园, hage, hortus, giardino, сад, haver, ogród, κήπος, jardim, Bāgh, bahçe, garten Happy pinning
an aerial view of a garden design
Part of the Plan
Some more recent work from Sussex. This hand drawn colour plan on tracing paper with marker pens.
the word luv ly is surrounded by wildflowers and grass in front of a blue sky
July | Summer Nights In
an architectural drawing of a house in the desert
NameBright - Coming Soon
Fer Neyra - architecture drawing illustration art sketch
four different views of trees and benches in the park
Ergebnis: Neubau von zwei Sporthallen und Entwicklun...competitionline
2. Preis: Orte
an aerial view of a city with lots of green land
Team Felixx - jvantspijker wins design competition in Gufunes, Reykjavik
The Dutch design offices Felixx and jvantspijker, together with Orri Steinarsson, have won the international urban design competition in Gufunes, | Read More
an abstract painting with mountains in the background and people walking on the beach at low tide
Security Check Required
Atelier Albania - Himara Bureau Bas Smets BBS241 RVIVIERA
a plant with green leaves on a white background