Hornbeam Hedge in Pennsylvania. A sheared fastigiate European hornbeam hedge (under-planted with liriope) lines a driveway in Villanova, PA. Designer John Shandra of Gale Nurseries wanted to create a sharp, clean line between public and private space.

Hornbeam hedge

Hornbeam Hedge Privacy wall - personal garden of brilliant Belgian landscape designer Jacques Wirtz

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Yew hedges at Bradenham Hall, Norfolk

Yew hedges at Bradenham Hall, Norfolk Fantastic attention to detail, dear, landscapers. Yoda would be proud.

salvia hakonechloa et macra aureola

Salvia nemorosa Caradonna, taxus baccata and hakonechloa front bed near porch

Piet Oudolf garden - Bury Court

Piet Oudolf garden - Bury Court great stone walk, ❤ the juxtaposition of clipped hedge with breezy grasses

Reflecting pool

Love the color, perfectly trimmed hedge and reflection in this pool. A thinking or serenity pool vs swimming.


elzen zwembaden / zwembad aanleg The contrast between the solid structure of the pool and the Pennisetum is just perfect. Pinned to Pool Design by Darin Bradbury.

"By sculpting the earth and altering its surface appearance in this way, Lin’s work enables us to relate to the forces both within and upon the land."  -- Gibbs Farm

Maya Lin A Fold in the Field 2013 cu. m earth-fill covering sq.