Copper Dendrites

Copper Dendrites - his dendritic structure of pure copper was grown during the copper plating or electro plating of various objects. The field of view is about 3 cm high. - photo by Paul's Lab

post-copper cook-up

Worldly Style: Copper Pots - Worldly Style - Galavanting Online Women's Travel Magazine and Community ::.

Copper Wire and Pull Tab Purse - finished

This is the finished purse, crocheted with copper wire, small and large copper beads and a cool copper chain necklace as the strap.

Copper Bowl

Copper Art, Bowls, Minerals, Rust, Gemstones, Serving Bowls, Gems

Curtis Jere Wall Sculpture

The post gives decor ideas for hanging wall sculpture by C.Jere or other makers. Collecting attributes for C.Jere wall sculpture are also discussed.