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the rolled up papers are lined up on the counter top with different colors and patterns
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three wrapped packages with black and white designs on them
Monstera TOTE BAG, Minimalist, Hand Painted, Cotton Bag, Eco Friendly Bag, Shopping Bag, Grocery Bag, Reusable Bag, Monstera Bag, Plant Lady - Etsy UK
two luggage tags with the words thank you and an image of a blue bag hanging from strings
Adventures with Tara Merch Design Brand Identity
Adventures with Tara Merch Design Brand Identity Tara has worked in childcare for over 12 years, and is passionate about kids and creativity. Tara’s latest book release ’The Adventures of Willy’ is a funny book about sun safety. The branding we created for Tara is fun, exciting, bright, bubbly and encompasses future ventures for Tara. Full branding, logo, color palette, typography, merch products, iconography, mockups, illustration, pre-made social media templates for Instagram and Facebook.
four tags with the words hand made hanging from strings and twine on white background
pinterest // ιѕåвєℓℓå ℓιåиg
pinterest // ιѕåвєℓℓå ℓιåиg
three pairs of scissors and two napkins on a table