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a drawing of a woman in a blue dress with pink flowers on it's skirt
Pink Puddle Studio: Desert Watercolor Art and Classes
Happy Friday everyone! Here is a time lapse of a fashion illustration I did based on an Elie Saab gown! Roses, indigo and all!!! Enjoy! Also if you follow me on instagram @pinkpuddlestudio, I will ...
a drawing of a woman in a dress with long sleeves and an ombrella on the skirt
Behind the Butterfly
Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture Fashion Illustration Print
a drawing of a woman in a blue dress with flowers on it and three markers next to it
H. Nichols Illustration
#violet by @hnicholsillustration/ hnillustration.etsy.com| Be Inspirational ❥|Mz. Manerz: Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence, happiness & politeness
a drawing of a woman sitting in front of a vanity with a pink dress on it
See this Instagram photo by @melsysillustrations • 659 likes
an advertisement for a pink dress on a white background with the words, love pinterest @ pinterest
The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden
a drawing of a girl with flowers in her hair, wearing a white dress and pink tulle
Finding Neverland
magic-of-eternity: “ Art by 森森野 ”
a watercolor drawing of a woman in a dress with flowers on her head and long hair
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