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the words don't worry mother, your daughter is a soldier
an open book with a quote from frank ocean on the cover and inside it is white paper
آزاد٘ on X
an open book with the words we're a mess you and i, but the truth is, you captivate me in ways no soul ever will
i'm in love with a baby i haven't met yet quote on an orange background
Letters to Baby: Week 5
I'm In Love With A Child I Havent Met Yet Quote
a woman's stomach with a small tattoo on it
geometric tattoo pattern #Geometrictattoos
the back of a woman's shoulder with a drawing of a mother and child on it
Michele Mercuri (@mercuri_michele) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram
an open book sitting on top of a bed next to a white sheet with the words and i finally understand food i had to love my wife so no one would ever dare to love her date
#luvismystery #lovequotes #lifequotes #luvquotes #love #life #words #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #wordsofencouragement #wordporn #quotes…