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Adynna Gabryella
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12 reasons not to own these trouble makers ~ too funny

Funny pictures about Those eyes mean only one thing. Oh, and cool pics about Those eyes mean only one thing. Also, Those eyes mean only one thing.

now I have to scroll for my year because of all the babies and toddlers on the internet

Idk why this always makes me laugh so much I guess because I picture it in a really sarcastic voice and it's so true idk but this is just too funny

This seems like something me or one of my friends would do.

Ownage - daughterhey mom, im in detention .WHAT?in class my teacher pointed a ruler at me and said 'at the other end of the ruler is an idiot. i asked him which end he was refering to.thats my girl :) xx

Like you know how they ask you to ask a parent before going to Well I never do! Lol

He feels like a bad boy going through Walmart exit<< i'm a girl and i do that lol. my mom is like always thinking we're so cool. so i do it to get her to laugh and be happy.

Is your camera waterproof?! Who has a camera in the shower! - My cats do this all the time! :D

Funny pictures about Psycho cat edition. Oh, and cool pics about Psycho cat edition. Also, Psycho cat edition.