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a small house on the side of a grassy field next to a body of water
Honka Rantama - inspired by the timeless Finnish summer cottage architecture of the 1970s
a small wooden building sitting on top of a gravel field
Garden Rooms | Affinity Range | SMART Garden Offices
the floor plan for a small house
a house made out of shipping containers in the middle of a forest with chairs and tables
🏠 Modern Container House Interior Design Ideas 👀💰
Shipping container homes are a great way to stand out from your neighbors. With a unique design, you can create a home that is truly one of a kind. From bright, cheerful colors to eye-catching accents, the possibilities are endless. With the right design, you can create a space that is both stylish and practical. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, cozy home or a modern, sleek space, a shipping container home can be the perfect solution.
a small house with lots of plants on the front and back porchs, covered in wood slats
Custom Shipping Container Gallery - Bob's Containers
a small black cabin sits in the middle of a gravel lot with steps leading up to it
15 Best Airbnb Muskoka Cottage Rentals - Dream Plan Experience
10 Best Airbnb Stays in Muskoka •
a wooden deck with tables and chairs in the woods next to a black metal roof
feelthewarmth: Photo