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Picture of DIY Solar Tracker Check out for cool new arduino stuff! #arduino ~~~ For more cool Arduino stuff check out

Solar Energy Tips To Help You Go Green. If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, solar energy is the way to go. Solar energy lets you get energy from the sun.

Functional Lego 3D Printer

If you can't afford a printer now, why not make your own? This student created his own functional LEGO printer with LEGO bricks and a hot glue gun.

How to Build a Self-Balancing Autonomous Arduino Bot

Ready to level-up your robot skills? ArduRoller is a self-balancing, inverted pendulum robot that’s also capable of autonomous navigation indoors or out.

marcus thymarks filamaker to reprocess your 3d printed projects into fresh filament

So you& got a printer. What do you do with all of your and that you had to print out before perfecting your desired gewgaw? Those rolls of ABS filament you used to make them are affordable, but not cheap.Thanks to German programmer and inventor Marcus.

This awesome and unique RC Toy Robot is designed by Jaehong Eric Han. The idea is to have an interaction between analog and digital. It realized by controlling the RC Toy Robot with an iPhone or iPad devices.

This curiously fun robot design merges advanced connectivity technologies and an adorable steampunk aesthetic, making it more than just a toy but a complete interactive experience.

–iC is face-tracking hexapod (six-legged) robot that can spot people's faces in a crowd, follow them around, interact with them and capture their image.

–iC is face-tracking hexapod (six-legged) robot that can spot people's faces in…

Kickstarter project developing recycled plastic filament for 3D printing machine

Tyler McNaney is raising funds for Filabot: Plastic Filament Maker on Kickstarter! Make your own printing filament from recycled bottles and other plastic products. Never run out of printing filament.

Hand Forged door handle

Burleigh Hand Forged Pull Handle - Iron Pull Handles - Pull Handles - Door Furniture - Home & Interiors - Catalogue