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Adrian Ghenciu

Adrian Ghenciu
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Email is just a tool to get things done, not a measure of productivity. Here are 7 tips to spend less time at your inbox and get the important work done.

thepsychmind: Everything Psychology here!

The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back. <<< i guess i'm mature then?

THINK GROW RICH Summary - 15 Laws of Success. Some of these are way too linear for my personal taste, ask your inner guidance for more exponentially expanding tailor made processes!

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Most people don't really want the truth. They just want constant reassurance what they believe is the truth

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One of the secrets to Career Success is to get to know yourself better. This helps with both interview confidence as well as self awareness for areas of improvement, learning & training.