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an image of stitcher characters with different expressions on their faces and body parts, all in various poses
Stitch always makes me laugh no matter how old is get I'll watch this movie for a good laugh. Thanks Disney
a rabbit reading a book with the words shh i'm reading
SHHH... I'm reading
an image of some kind of cartoon character with the words i'm a nerd get over it
TeeTurtle | Graphic t-shirts, reversible plushies, and more!
this is TOO CUTE! "I'm a NERD" (Get Over It)
the different types of cat costumes
9 more reasons to love Halloween 🎃 {Courtesy of @meowboxshop} #themeowlife #meowlloween
a cartoon bunny holding a coffee mug
Adorable Monstrosity | Funny, cute & nerdy t-shirts
Death Before Decaf
an image of a ghost holding a sign that says i see real people on it
Tshirt Roundup
New post on tshirtroundup
Anxiety: Adulting T-Shirt on TeeTurtle Panda Art, Panda Love, Cute Panda, Pics Art, Cuteness Overload
Anxiety: Talking | Funny, cute & nerdy shirts
Anxiety: Adulting T-Shirt on TeeTurtle
this is my happy place halloween t - shirt with an image of a cat reading a book
Halloween is my happy place.
a cartoon squirrel is sitting on top of some pancakes and holding onto it's tail
TeeTurtle | Graphic t-shirts, reversible plushies, and more!
adorable tshirt :)
a black cat is sitting on the ground next to a silver ball and a red background that says make your own luck
Make Your Own Luck
a white cat laying down with the words i don't want to job today
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I Don't Want to J...