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Rhoost Child Safety Devices: Child Proof Cabinet Locks - Corner Pads - Outlet Covers

The Grommet team discovers Rhoost stylish child safety devices including child proof cabinet locks, corner pads and outlet covers.

10+ Tips for Foolproof Child-Proofing. Really good things to think about for making your home safe, and TONS of "bonus tips." Pin for reference!

child proofing tips. So babyproof the hell out of your outlets. Toilet paper costs a couple bucks a roll and never killed anyone? Houseproof that kid.

Child proofing items

Protect your children two ways in the tub – water temperature and knocking into the faucet… The tub spout thermometer digitally displays water temperature with an easy to read col…

Baby Proofing Products – Baby Safety Products -

Safety Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups help you keep your baby from playing with dangling blind cords. A Cord Wind-Up safely stores any excess cord out of your child's reach, while still letting you easily operate the blinds.

Frugal child-proofing. This link has lots of really good cheap ideas for child-proofing.

Safety Railnet, The Safety Railnet is designed to help protect children and pets from balcony and railing accidents. This durable mesh guard installs easily on any type of railing. The net is weatherproof and is .