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I loved you at your darkest Romans This quote is typed on a vintage 1939 German typewriter onto a piece of cardstock that measures

Mmm... I thought this was a very relatable quote, and oddly enough -in my mind,- slightly characteristic of a #enfj

Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack. Trust me I will!

All of my emotions in one picture<<< I've had smarties before. They're chocolate and America's smarties are not chocolate

I feel ya Luke

Lol lukes seems like the mature one but behind the scenes he's not...

Lol lukes seems like the mature one but behind the scenes he's not.

but my taste in music is your face ☁️

Hahaha I love my boys

Freakin. Love. Liz.

Liz Hemmings is my favorite member of I want to be her personal assistant.<<<same, we'd confuse the shit outta some people tho, Liz Hemmings and her assistant Liz Hemsworth

Wait a sconddddd liz said limes not lines! THIS IS MY LIME CAUSE LEMONS DONT LAST FOREVER!

Liz Hemmings is love. Liz Hemmings is life

yes yes he is , let me tell you all about him but you are never allowed to meet him in person

Same with friends who don't know who they are!<< half my family are convinced I'm dating Michael Clifford xxxx<< I had my Aunty convinced I was dating Ashton Irwin

5sos imagine having a kid - Google Search

But I mean if I were that girl and this was a thing. I am gonna go over there and die.

OMGGGG............I love this.....except him getting hurt....but its still funny:)

I love this.except him getting hurt.but its still funny:)<<<<<He got hurt l! That's what makes it funny!<<is that Michael Clifford?