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Poze Funny,alt ceva nu stiu ce sa mai spun:) #altele Altele #amreading #books #wattpad

Read from the story Poze Fanny :) by Efy-Littlegirl (Hehe) with reads. Fix 30 de poze am avut iuhuuuu

raven queen from ever after high from rotodisk @ tumblr

rotodisk: ““You were made in my likeness, after all…” Done entirely in Clip Studio Paint Pro.

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Ruby eyes by on @deviantART. Make one eye blue and raise the neckline of the dress and there's Absinthe Graves.

albino black_dress breasts bust choker cleavage dress face glowing glowing_eyes highres light_smile lips long_hair looking_at_viewer original pale_skin parted_lips patipat_asavasena payot pink_eyes portrait red_eyes revision snowflakes solo white_hair