How to do Bridal Eye Makeup? (If you want a smokey eye- can do similar but with lighter shades)

20 Easy Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Eye Makeup Tips and Advice Eyes occupy the most prominent place among the five sensory organs of our body. Large and beautiful eyes enhance one's beauty manifold. Healthy eyes are directly related to general health. Use eye-make up v

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I love the clock / pocket-watch idea. Perhaps the time of birth and birthday of my little guy.

Except no skull, more flowers, a swallow, and nautical compass instead of watch

Rose, other flowers, peacock feather, pocket watch, anchor. I would have this minus the skull and with bits of colour through the peacock feather and flowers

Compass Tattoo

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

I like the compass and watch

LOVE the map and compass. not for travel but maybe put in Peter Pan quote and silhouettes ;

UNDER rose tattoo with other compass tattoo three birds. words say "to live would be an awefully big adventure" chain links to other chain  with pocket watch "have I gone mad..."

"Time Heals Everything" tattoo. I don't believe time heals everything, so I couldn't get that quote, but the general idea is neat. Not to mention, the tats very pretty

Globe compass rose bird jewel butterfly design

Tattooo Inspiration, i like the roses, compass and feathers, would want to add an antique looking watch or key or something not sure just inspiration

Compass tattoo design.

Love the idea of combining the compass with feathers. Except i'd prefer abit more eloborate peacock feathers.