How to do Bridal Eye Makeup? (If you want a smokey eye- can do similar but with lighter shades)

20 Easy Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Todays look – If not forever, only for tonight - Linda Hallberg, makeup artist great bridal makeup. I want my make up to look like this on my wedding day!

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I love the clock / pocket-watch idea. Perhaps the time of birth and birthday of my little guy.

Compass Tattoo

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

Except no skull, more flowers, a swallow, and nautical compass instead of watch

Rose, other flowers, peacock feather, pocket watch, anchor. I would have this minus the skull and with bits of colour through the peacock feather and flowers

I like the compass and watch

LOVE the map and compass. not for travel but maybe put in Peter Pan quote and silhouettes ;

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