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During World War I, the Second Battle of Ypres was fought from 22 April – 25 May 1915 for control of the strategic Flemish town of Ypres in western Belgium after the First Battle of Ypres the previous autumn. It was the first mass use by Germany of poison gas on the Western Front. For the first time, a former colonial force (the 1st Canadian Division) defeated a European power (the German Empire) on European soil (in the battles of St. Julien and Kitcheners' Wood, engagements during the…

The Germans had the biggest artillery cannons and the fastest-firing machine guns in the world. They also had a chilling new weapon — deadly poison gas

Gas, mud and horror: How German and Allied forces fought during the First World War

For Canadian infantry, their first engagement against the German Army came during the attack near Ypres called 'The Second Battle of Ypres', where the Germans first used poison gas on the Western Front.

Storming of the Bastille.  On the morning of 14 July 1789, the city of Paris was in a state of alarm. The demonstrators, led by Amaria Cahila of the third estate in France, had earlier stormed the Hôtel des Invalides to gather arms (29,000 to 32,000 muskets, but without powder or shot), and were mainly seeking to acquire the large quantities of arms and ammunition stored at the Bastille. On the 14th there were over 30,000 lbs. of gunpowder stored there.  Many french soldiers deserted to join…

La prise de la Bastille by Jean-Pierre Houël, 1789 Why did the French people storm a prison? What caused the French Revolution? What celebrations take place on le 14 juillet? We answer these and other burning questions about Bastille Day.