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60 Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile

i want to be this happy when i'm old. old people in love are so sweet & precious. i love it.

Inspirational Quotes: Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose. Lewis This is true. find happiness within yourself so you don’t need to depend on anyone/thing else.

Ah, I want to do this so bad!

The Pending Coffee

The Pending Coffee- new twist on random acts of kindness? Hope this becomes a real thing

Couldn't of said it better

Free, Workplace Ecard: Instead of sick days they should be called "i hate my fucking job and would rather be dead than go in today" days.

Random Funny Pictures – 60 Pics

Funny pictures about The ghosts of the things we eat. Oh, and cool pics about The ghosts of the things we eat. Also, The ghosts of the things we eat.

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