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#Once #BTS it's not the dagger it the wand#truefan
Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison - Behind the scenes - 5 * 23 "An Untold Story" - 29 March 2016
My babies//Colin O'Donoghue -Killian Jones - Captain Hook and Co Star Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time
If you have an unhealthy love for cookie dough like I do, you HAVE to check out this fabulous collection of edible cookie dough recipes. It's filled with so many great ideas (think: cookie dough dip, cookie dough brownies, and cookie dough cupcakes), and for those of you who are trying to watch your waistline, I even threw in a low-fat option. Enjoy!
Evil Queen
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Tom Felton
Tom Felton... Now I remember why I had a crush on him back in the first movie
tom felton
Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones -Captain Hook - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time