Anii ‘80

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two plastic contraptions with different colored candies on them
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a bunch of cars that are on top of a table
a newspaper article with an image of the soccer team from the 1970's on it
there are many pictures on the table with two pandas next to them and a tape recorder
two little pandas sitting on top of each other in some lipstick tubes with lids
two children's books are sitting next to each other
two toy cars sitting next to each other on a table
an old book is sitting on a doily
Game Of Thrones Characters, Gold Watch
a toy car is sitting on top of a board game
a book with an image of a man on the number eight in it's cover
an alarm clock with a cartoon cat on the face and numbers below it, sitting on a table
several comics are laying on top of each other in the same pattern as they appear to be folded
several comics are spread out on top of each other