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some words that are in different colors and font on a white background with the word devor
Conjugaison des verbes.
the french language worksheet with pictures and words for children to learn in english
One-click print document
a poster with french words and pictures on it
the french language poster shows different types of food and words that are used to describe them
Comment utiliser le pronom en | PASSION FLE
a table with numbers in french and english on the top, below it is an image of
an info sheet with different types of vehicles and their names in english, french, and spanish
the different types of women's hair and their names in french, with pictures of them
an image of different types of eyes and their corresponding parts to describe the colors in each eye
an english language flash card with pictures of people and words on it, including the letter b
Marque-page aide à la lecture CP | TitLine à l'école
the french language poster shows how to use different languages in english and spanish, as well as